Our work as a training organisation is focused on providing academic practice development training programmes to lecturers in higher education institutions; and continuous professional development courses to practitioners in the built environment field.

WABER Professional Education started as a complimentary arm to the WABER Conference. The Conference was established in 2008 to provide an essential platform to enable particularly those in the early stages of their academic careers and built environment researchers in West African institutions to develop their research work and skills through constructive interaction with experienced international academics. Another objective of the conference was to bring people together so they could interact with their peers from other institutions and collaborate with them to develop ideas and find solutions to common challenges. With time we began organising training courses as part of the main conference using some of our keynote speakers as facilitators.

Our first professional development course was organised as an industry workshop in 2013. The subject of the training was Construction Procurement and Supply Chain Management in Infrastructure Delivery. It was attended by approximately 40 people and was held at the Coconut Grove Hotel in Accra. We have since organised courses in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education for university lecturers in Ghana and plan to extend these courses to Nigeria and Kenya.

The leadership for our activities is provided by Prof Sam Laryea who is currently based at Wits University in South Africa. Most of the academic development courses we offer have been developed based on his view of what academics need to excel in their roles and his first-hand experiences of the academic environment in Ghana, Nigeria, UK and South Africa.

Through the training courses we offer, we hope to provide lecturers in academic institutions with professional development opportunities that will enable them to perform their roles with greater confidence and excellence. We want all lecturers in higher education institutions to aspire for excellence in their roles. Our training courses are designed to support them in achieving their aspirations. That is our vision and what we are about.